Intelligent parking systems

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Intelligent parking systems

New information technologies, together with a carefully worked-out transport organization, form an integral part of modern parking systems. Intelligent parking systems are fully automated and provide not only the highest level of convenience, but also control over the administration and management of parking areas, with minimal workforce requirements.

The around-the-clock functionality of the system is ensured by reliable equipment that is constantly being perfected so that it is able to compete even with the toughest competitors. By proper software configuration and modification, programmers ensure its seamless operation and logic in compliance with the individual requirements of the client. A safeguard against unexpected issues is warranty and post-warranty service performed by qualified experts.

Connecting to the “External Surveillance Centre” system offers uninterrupted 24/7 online support and parking lot surveillance. It is appreciated by drivers who are stuck in a parking lot as well as owners / operators of parking lots who want to have everything under control.

There are many options for implementing either automated or intelligent parking systems. For each of these, we are ready to design a unique, tailor-made solution.

Do you need to organize your parking system?

Parking houses

  • Privately-owned parking houses
  • City or municipal parking houses
  • Parking houses of commercial businesses
  • Parking houses of shopping centres

Parking areas

  • City or municipal parking areas
  • Parking lots next to commercial buildings
  • Parking lots next to shopping centres
  • Parking lots on privately-owned land

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