Parking area management

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Outsourcing, or putting a specialized company in charge of parking area management (operation) is a solution that is not only economically advantageous, but also more professional. ProPark Slovensko s.r.o. offers a comprehensive solution for all owners and tenants of parking areas for which parking lot operation is not the main subject of their business activity, or who would like to transfer the financial costs of setting up the parking system to us. We are also able to offer expert solutions and ways to finance them, relating not only to already functional parking lots but also those that are still planned or are in the process of construction.

We cooperate with landowners whose land can be converted to a parking area, helping them to develop a parking strategy and business plan including financial indicators. We cooperate with owners and tenants of existing parking areas, proposing ways to modernize parking strategy and systems to ensure efficient and profitable operation. ProPark Slovensko s.r.o. has access to the latest technologies that are an integral part of intelligent parking systems with around-the-clock parking lot surveillance.

Scope of our services

  • Draft of a parking strategy
  • Designing a model for refinancing the completed project
  • Delivery of parking systems
  • Delivery of traffic signs and signalling
  • Summer and winter maintenance
  • Taking charge of collecting the earnings
  • 24/7 technical support

Your benefits

  • Profit from parking fee collection remains yours based on the amount of your earnings
  • Active help in getting new customers
  • Remunerative cooperation based on a management contract
  • All liabilities against third parties remain our responsibility
  • No more worries from now on, only regular income

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