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The fluency and safety of road traffic are currently some of the main priorities, both when new residential areas or city districts are built or modernized. The reason is a constantly growing influx of people moving to the cities. However, the rising number of the population in cities brings new challenges for real-estate developers, city councils and architects when addressing the need for a higher number of modern parking areas or when dealing with integrated urban transportation. On the other hand, the citizens face challenges related to a lack of parking spaces, protection of their motor vehicles in car parks and the speed of traffic with their motor vehicles.

As a result, the Surveillance Centre 24/7 is becoming an inseparable part of administration and maintenance of modern car parks. They bring a large scale of advantages to investors, real-estate developers, owners of car parks but also city councils when addressing the needs of their citizens / customers.

Key advantages of using “Surveillance centre 24/7” are clearly without any doubt however it is recommended to cooperate with professionals possessing the needed know how and technical solution. Every car park is calling for a unique solution and attention therefore all services inclusive “Surveillance centre 24/7” have to be customised to those specific requirements. We in ProPark are providing a turn on key parking solution to our customers to manage smooth and safe traffic inside car parks in one hand and in the other maximise profit to our partners. Please find the 5 main reasons why to choose our solution “Surveillance centre 24/7”

Standard mode of operation

The best evidence of a well-working “Surveillance Centre 24/7” is when you do not know about it at all. It will namely always perform all important activities on time without you noticing it, for example collecting or adding coins to ticket machines, supplying printer ribbons or arranging regular service support for technical equipment. Every day they are happy to help customers deal with their problems, monitor and control the security / fluency of traffic in car parks so that all parties involved are satisfied.

Emergency mode of operation

Extreme weather conditions and vandalism are undoubtedly two of the main reasons of emergency situations in car parks. That is the reason why our professionals actively watch the weather forecast so that they may start snow removal or other activities after a strong wind or heavy rain in time. Thanks to a sophisticated system of monitoring the functionality of car parks, we can quickly identify any serious damage caused by natural phenomena or vandalism.

Customer support

I have no cash on me. I have lost my ticket. I forgot to pay and I am standing in front of a ramp which will not open. My parking card is not working, what should I do?” It is only a brief description of some potential situations when a professional and expert support of the “Surveillance Centre 24/7” is crucial. Quick resolution of such situations helps decrease the stress, leads to a higher fluency and safety of a car park operation but also to a higher customer satisfaction. Customer support is one of the key pillars of the “Surveillance Centre 24/7” which any modern car park cannot do without.

Operation economy

One of the possibilities how to ensure a functional and profitable operation of a car park is establishment of its own “Surveillance Centre 24/7”. However, it is simpler and mainly more economical to use the services of professionals. You may save a considerable amount of money necessary for building the technical infrastructure, hiring staff, education, management and investments in innovation. Everything from A to Z will be organized by professionals specializing in parking services for a reasonable fee. You will thus gain immediate access to the know-how that is usually built for decades.

Emergency and remedial action

It may also happen anytime during everyday operation of a car park that any equipment breaks down or is damaged. In such case our emergency unit will immediately take all necessary basic remedial action directly on the spot with regard to the safety and fluency of operation of the car park. It will subsequently ensure repair and reinstatement of the car park into fully functional operation. Our long-term selection, experience and cooperation with partners delivering equipment guarantee high quality and professionalism.

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