Parking garage modernization in the Old Town

MedenáDate: 22.02.2018
Bratislava, Medená street
Behind the scenes of parking garage modernization in cooperation with Pro-Park Slovakia s.r.o.

We invite you to a brief tour of the modernization of a rarely used, older parking lot in the centre of Bratislava. As the saying goes, any endeavour is based on a good plan, high-quality subcontractors and a team of professionals to ensure the management of transforming the old into something completely new, including any challenges that may arise. Preparations for the opening ceremony are in full swing. We have installed automated LED lights that bring not only more light but save energy as well. We created colour-coded parking zones for better orientation. New vertical and horizontal traffic signs and signalling will ensure better traffic flow and safety. New navigational guidance systems including a top-notch parking system will provide better navigation into and out of the parking lot. Keep your fingers crossed for us. If you are interested in seeing the finale, make sure to not miss out on our next video.